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On the one hand, Positivo Tecnologia, a Brazilian hardware and software company that manufactures and markets computers, cell phones, accessories, telemedicine devices, and educational solutions. It is part of the Positivo Group, a conglomerate of companies operating in the educational, editorial, graphic, cultural, and events segments. And it brings with it the exceptional capacity to develop advanced technological products that directly and daily affect the huge Brazilian educational market – private and public.

On the other hand, MindCET, founded by the Educational Technology Center (CET), a leading organization in the planning and development of technological products for the educational system in Israel, brings with it the ability to accelerate the processes of characterization and development of complex and innovative adtech products, and close collaboration with potential users.

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“We are an example of a cooperative work that overcomes cultural, language, and even pandemic barriers to bring new learning solutions in the digital age”

Rebecca Barbalat

Positivo’s R&D director

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Positivo – MindCet

This unique collaboration between Israel and Brazil

between the Amazon rainforest and the R&D center at the Negev, demonstrates how one can work together to overcome language gaps, a culture, and even challenges that create a global epidemic. Together, organizations work to offer innovative, intercultural, and global solutions, as well as the culture of learning in the digital age.



IBI-Tech acted in the technological consultancy of this project, and thus, Positivo Tecnologia closes a partnership with MindCET. With the agreement, the methodology of the center for innovation and technological development in Israeli education will be adapted and implemented in Brazil by Positivo, which will install an EdTech accelerator in the Amazon The agreement will allow Positivo Tecnologia, through the accelerator in the Amazon, to replicate the development model for educational startups used in Israel. The agreement was signed on April 2, in Jerusalem, during a visit by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to Israel.

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