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BRF S.A. is a Brazilian company. BRF is one of the biggest food companies in the world, with over 30 brands in its portfolio, among them Sadia, Perdigão, Qualy, Paty, Dánica, and Bocatti. Its products are sold in over 150 countries, on all five continents.

Aleph Farms is a cultured meat startup. The company was co-founded in 2017 with the Israeli food-tech incubator “The Kitchen” of Strauss Group Ltd., and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.  The company developed a technique to grow delicious beef steaks from non-genetically engineered cells, isolated from a cow, using a fraction of the resources required for raising an entire animal for meat, and without antibiotics.

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”BRF is ready and charged to play a leading role in this food revolution and be an active participant in one the greatest industry transformations of this generation.”

 Lorival Luz, CEO of BRF

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BRF – Aleph Farms

Beyond the commercial potential of cultivated meat in the Brazilian market,

this alignment also enables both companies in their missions regarding sustainability and food security.


IBI-Tech represented BRF in Israel and connected both companies.
Aleph and BRF will co-develop and produce cultivated meat using Aleph’s patented production platforms (BioFarm™). BRF will also distribute Aleph-backed cultivated beef products in Brazil. This partnership will strengthen BRF’s supply chain and reduce its environmental impact while diversifying the company’s product offering to meet the growing consumer demands for a variety of meat products.

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