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Project Development

Brazilian Engineering company Acquafix provides services in water management and domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plant management.

Result Technical Data

“I was very impressed by IBI-Tech’s active approach and ability to find relevant solutions for Acquafix’s requirements. Our current and future customers will benefit from the integration with Aqwise technology.

We are looking forward to developing more projects with IBI-Tech!”

Marcos Cardoso,
Aquafix (Director)

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Acquafix – Aqwise

Their main challenges were

  • How to become the most innovative company within the Brazilian water and wastewater treatment market
  • How to integrate advanced technologies into current projects
  • How to develop new projects based on these new technologies

IBI-Tech used its deep access into the Israeli market to search for innovative solutions related to this area, and found…

Aqwise, an Israeli company located in Yokneam, which developed a unique sewage treatment technology called MBBR, treating sewage with a minimum footprint. IBI-Tech connected both companies, integrating technologies specifically adapted to the Brazilian context.


Acquafix is now offering a state-of-the-art system to its clients in Brazil, based on Aqwise technology. This is Aqwise’s first project in Brazil.

Technical Data

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