IBI-Tech bridges between Israeli Technologies and Brazilian Opportunities by providing specialized and targeted services for both Brazilian and Israeli companies. Our offices are located in Tel Aviv and in Rio de Janeiro; hence, we have presence in both arenas. Find further service descriptions below, and please get in touch if any of them suits your needs.

Israeli Companies & Investors

The Brazilian market brings big opportunities to Israeli companies seeking to increase their exports abroad. IBI-Tech leverages its vast experience to guide and accompany Israeli Technology companies entering this attractive and challenging market. IBI-Tech provides strategic and tactical planning, promotes suitable partnerships with local companies and targets relevant clients. Together with our partners, we provide deep analysis of the best commercial strategies to be implemented in a feasible timeline in order to materialize successful business opportunities.

Business Development

Following years of economic downturn and political turmoil, Brazil is stabilizing and entering a significant infrastructure investment cycle. Today, there are many opportunities for foreign investors and operators. IBI-Tech’s extensive network and capabilities offer a trusted platform for Israeli investors and operators to jump into this infrastructure investment cycle. We participate in a wide variety of projects in Brazil’s private sector, integrating Israeli technologies and/or solutions, including investment and financing. These projects are focused on several areas, including Water/Wastewater Treatment, Renewable Energy and Energy Generation.

Investment in Projects
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