IBI-Tech bridges between Israeli Technologies and Brazilian Opportunities by providing specialized and targeted services for both Brazilian and Israeli companies. Our offices are located in Tel Aviv and in Rio de Janeiro; hence, we have a presence in both arenas. Find further service descriptions below.

Brazilian Companies & Investors

Aligned with your company’s strategic planning and based on our deep visibility into Israeli Technologies, we identify the best-fitting engagements through a controlled and measurable process in order to tackle well-defined goals.
Briefly, this process’ stages are: Prospection, Selection, Validation, Implementation and Operation.

techonology scouting in Israel

IBI-Tech provides an acceleration program to implement a structured model of promoting innovation inside companies, based on our team’s experience in managing Israeli R&D centers and knowledge-transfer units. The Innovation Program can focus on generating new product lines, improving company productivity or creating new business models.

innovation program in Brazil

Brazilian investors are not currently active players in the StartUp Nation Investment World.
With our deep access to the StartUp Nation, IBI-Tech is constantly exposed to attractive and relevant investment opportunities for Brazilian investors. IBI-Tech provides a platform for Brazilian investors seeking to invest in Israeli companies, facilitating access to the Israeli Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

investments in Israeli Technology Companies

Israel breathes Innovation. Is the epicenter of cutting-edge technology development with multinationals R&D’s Centers, startups, hubs and highest level universities. We design customized visits to Israel’s Entrepreneurship Environment, including meetings with previously selected startups, investment opportunity analyses and a first-hand experience of day-to-day life in this exciting Innovation Environment.

StartUp Nation Experience
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