IBI-Tech invests effort to be updated with innovative solutions and upcoming events related with Innovation in various sectors, both in Brazil and in Israel. Here you can have access to relevant information and links to keep up.

Israel Resilience Mission by IBI-Tech

Under the leadership of IBI-Tech, and with the support of CONIB – Confederação Israelita do Brasil, we are proud to present the “Israel Resilience Mission”. Following the events of October 7, a new reality unfolded for both Israel and the global Jewish community. Our Mission is not just a trip, but a bet on the future of the nation, a unique opportunity to strengthen our ties and support Israel on its resilience journey. From July 7 to 12, 2024, we will witness how resilience is the key to building the nation’s future. More than that, the “Israel Resilience Mission” will allow us to understand the true meaning of “Am Israel Chai”. Join us on this unique experience and strengthen your connection with Israel. We can’t wait to have you on this unforgettable journey!

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São Martinho Challenge – Accurately measuring bagasse pile volumes

Is your startup ready to shake up bagasse inventory control at the world’s largest sugar cane processing plant? Introducing the “São Martinho Challenge,” on the lookout for innovative hashtain  solutions to tackle one of the sugar-energy industry’s biggest challenges: accurately measuring bagasse pile volumes.
What we’re after: Reliable methods for greater reliability in measuring and predicting current pile stock with the smallest possible margin of error. Current methods overlook stock density and LHV (Low Heating Value) differences, given the pile’s dynamic physical structure changing in shape, height, and density due to machine movement or storage time and decomposition.

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Datora’s Connectivity Challenge

Brazilian Datora Group and Arqia, its IoT arm, pioneer connectivity in Brazil with more than 2M customers. We are seeking innovative solutions to be leveraged by our connectivity platform and sales. Requirements: Usage of 4G/5G cellular data network, easy deployment, cost-effective, non-cybersecurity, non-consultative sales.

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Entrepreneurial World, Israel Expedition

IBI-Tech & Grupo Voitto, invite you to watch and learn with us, with project “Entrepreneurial World, Israel Expedition’’. Our CEO Daniel Skaba, was live during 20 weeks interviewing entrepreneurs and influencers in the area of Innovation in Israel with several interesting topics related to Startup Nation. To watch the videos, please click on the following link:

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