About Us

About Us
IBI-Tech is our life’s project, representing the full fruition of our personal and professional experience. With Brazilian roots and more than 30 years of Israeli high-tech experience between us, we have the unique combination of cultural literacy, R&D management expertise, and technological know-how to connect the players and make amazing things happen in Israel and Brazil.

Our Vision

To be a first
reference point in business and technology integration between Brazil & Israel
To spread
Israeli technologies & innovations throughout the Brazilian Market
To raise
Brazilian products & services up to world-class level through innovation & technological integration

Our Team

Shaul Shashoua
Shaul Shashoua
Co-Founder & President

Shaul brings with him vast experience in R&D and Business Development for high-tech and defense companies.

Born and raised in Brazil, Shaul immigrated to Israel, where he received a BSc in Computer Engineering and later an MBA in Entrepreneurship and High-Tech Innovation at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He joined a small start-up called Galileo Technologies (today known as Marvell Israel Ltd.) in 1997 and grew along with the company.

As Project Manager, Shaul was involved in most of the engineering and management phases and processes of Galileo’s state-of-the-art silicon devices.

After 12 years with Galileo, Shaul joined his father at Veritas Representações LTDA, representing international companies in Brazil and facilitating transactions in the areas of Defense, Home Land Security and Information Technology.

In 2013 he joined the founders’ team of Israeli Meteor Aerospace LTD, providing Defense and HLS unique solutions, where he served as Marketing Director.

He is a member of Technion Board of Governors – Israel Institute of Technology and the Israel-Brazil Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Daniel Skaba
Daniel Skaba
Co-Founder & CEO

An out-of-the-box thinker, owner of two patents and a natural born manager, Daniel is a high-tech entrepreneur with more than 20 years of diverse experience in the high-tech world.

Born and raised in Brazil, Daniel immigrated to Israel, where he received a BSc in Computer Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 1999.

Following three years as an Electronic Warfare Engineer for the Israel Defense Force, Daniel joined the global Intel Corporation, where he would spend the next 12 years.

At Intel, Daniel managed the Microprocessor R&D Department and accrued experience in two major innovation hubs: Israel and California’s Silicon Valley.

He then founded DS Novigo, the precursor to IBI-Tech, which specialized in promoting Israeli companies and technologies in the Brazilian market.

Daniel brings rich technological R&D management experience, along with years of expertise in business development, technology transfer, partnership match, investment and more.

Innovation is a vital need.
Companies must be constantly reinvented through a continuous and structured process of innovation. Led and promoted by the organization, the Innovation Process will take into account both short- and long-term goals. The most successful organizations integrate innovation into corporate strategy and enjoy top-down support for the innovative process.
Innovation is
A Necessity
  • A company needs to reinvent its operations and business models to survive in a fast-changing world.
Innovation is
A State of Mind
  • Innovation is not a goal, but rather a path to reach a goal.
  • Innovation is a top-down process, a tool to achieve strategic goals set by the organization’s senior management.
  • An innovative organization makes the innovative process an integral part of company strategy and culture.
Innovation is
A Process
  • Innovation is a continuous process that needs to be developed, promoted and sustained by the organization for both short and long term.
  • If innovation is considered a unique event, companies will stagnate after implementing a specific innovation.
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